Asura software - Updated 12/29/2018 Undo, Save Project and Z-axis cross-section


the two most important functions missing are:

  • horizontal line at cursor position to highlight the Z level on the model
  • a real time slicer to be able to cut the object on the Z axis (that is especially important for hollowed out models)

nice to have would be

  • rotate/move by numbers
  • pick a face from the model and orient it with that face parallel to the build plate
  • pick a side of the model (top/left/right/bottom/front/back) and auto-orient the model considering the selected side as “back” (so it will have more supports)
  • a way to hide or make supports semi-transparent (like a ghost function in b9creator maybe)


Oh god yes please such a handy option to have.


thanks, rotate by number is already available. ctrl + rotate and type


wow, that is some hidden feature :slight_smile:

I would expect a menu like the one that opens for the resize tool (with global values, not relative to the last transform)


is there a way to or add an option to make the supports thinner? i know you can make the contacts smaller but these supports are pretty thick sometimes when not alot is needed


“bottom size” (it also alters the size of the base)


bug: Asura often exports invalid STL. I wouldn’t know how to give you better feedback. I could send you a malformed STL generated by asura if that helps.


that would very helpful. stl + screen shot and I will try to reproduce the results


Would like to request the build base is same size (or user settable) to match that of the Moai build base and volume.


You can already do that in the last version! =)


hmmm… i have just downloaded the software when i was reading through the posts, but couldn’t see how to amend it.

The Edit button and View button highlight but i do not get any drop-down menus. would it be under this?


File - Preferences…

You will find this:



Found link to latest version here:

@Peopoly. Can you amend top link to reflect the new software location, or to put the software on a page and not just link to a google drive file please.
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ok, thank you. i must be going mad, but i dont have preferences in my file menu. Just new and open.

I downloaded the version from the top - yes the BETA link. i would have assumed this popular link had been updated with the current version.

What version/link can the ‘new’ version be downloaded from?


the google drive link has (and only has) the latest 1.2 version.

The benefit of using google drive link is that we can update it without changing the link and it has good speed to most parts of the world.


Understand that yes, the weblink in the sticky post as of yesterday morning was linking to v1.0.0 Downloaded it then. Now, just downloading it this morning after yesterday it is the new version. Hence my request as it still linked to old files :confused:

Is ‘View’ tab meant to display any menu options, as its just highlighting and not displaying drop down menu.


Is there a way to pan the view? Zooming and and back in to pan is pretty fiddly.


@arden Holding down the middle mouse button (the scroll wheel on my mouse) i can pan the object over my screen

One bug: after adding additional supports on an object, then selecting a different base shape using the square button, it doesn’t change the base. Only by pressing generate will it then change the base, but then this also removes your additionally placed supports.

Just had something else happen.
i had ‘Add’ highlighted, added supports, changed the base shape and pressed generate, (resulting in the above) i then unclicked the add button so it is no longer highlighted, then pressed base shape, and it added the square base shape ontop of the round pillar shape. so i had both round and square base shapes.
seeing if i can repeat the non critical bug


got a screenshot @Roboteernat thanks for all the feedback


Would be great to get middle button emulation (most common for pan would be Ctrl-Left button) for pan. Using on my laptop with a trackpad and I have no middle button.


perspective view is fixed. Look to a new version soon!