Asura software - Updated 12/29/2018 Undo, Save Project and Z-axis cross-section


If you still have to use Cura to slice the file then why not just use Chitu for the support generation. It does a nice job in my opinion.


a lot of users found chitu auto support missing many spots and xyz too slow and crash prone. It led us to develop Asura to be very efficient and simple to use 3D printing software. It is still in beta but more features to come.


you could actually use CuraEngine to export gcode directly from Asura


Understandable but what would make this nice is a layer line such as the Chitu slicer or B9 has to show the line to check for any islands etc…


Do you update the version number when you release new updates? I just downloaded from the link and it still shows


First, let me say how excited that this project is in the works. As matt3o said, it would be nice to be able to contribute to the project to help move it along.

Just downloaded the latest version (as of 7/31/2018) and found the following issues:

  1. Version has not been updated since first release (
  2. (bug) On one model, it would not save STL file. Interestingly, it created a .lnk file to the STL in the recent files folder, but no file is generated.
  3. (bug) The right-click rotate view gets out of whack really quickly and you can’t get it to reset without using the orientation gadget in the top right.
  4. (feature request) Alt (or shift) Right Click should move the viewport without rotation.
  5. (feature request) Information panel that shows current model size and orientation. This would help the user when scaling or transforming to stop at exact measurements.
  6. (feature request) In the view menu, add reset viewport that sets the view to a 3/4 view of the platform at a preset distance.
  7. (feature requests) I agree with several other posts that are requesting entering of rotation and movement values. I think if you look at Microsoft’s 3d Builder program it has a simple and elegant way of handling both drag and direct entry of values.


8. (bug) Doesn’t open to the same directory that was last open/saved.
9. (bug) The menus are missing shortcut keys (alt-F for file, alt-E for edit, etc.) Also, each menu item should have a shortcut key to allow keyboard “twitches” such as “alt-F S” for save or “alt-F N” for new.


thanks guys. keep them coming. We are working on this software. It will be a bug fix update and then a major feature update when version will be roll up.

short cut keys are great idea.


Just to note for those with HiDPI issues, you can work around this for now by applying compatibility settings to the .exe like so:

Some other parts of the UI and 3D view don’t look as good but all of the dialog are readable and useable. Obviously HiDPI needs to be fixed but this at least got me going for now.

Just finished my first largish print with Asura generated supports, about to find out if the support did the job!


I can/t download the upgrade because there was a virus detected EVEN though I turned off all virus protection !!!
!!! How about adding an upgrade button to the program ?


do you have a screen shot?


This makes it very tedious to use and provide feedback!! If this software is to be taken seriously, it must have version control.


little suggestion in support generation

Avoid this

Do this instead!

That would prevent resin trapped between supports!


Very upset ,make a build plate and finally in Cura the exported model is out of plate,any body have this issue?Should be fix first


You need to be a little clearer with your description…are you even referring to Asura?


Yes Asura buildvolume is bigger than cura and Chitu


updated to v1.2 details in the the blog:

and yes, you can change plate volumn now @Sylus


many thanks.Hollow and hole is in progress?Auto rotation is planned?


Asura is getting better at each new version.

Rotation of the camera is better but I feel it should be centered to the selected object. Now it seems it is centered to the middle of the build area.

There are still some critical functions that are missing, but I won’t repeat them. You know what it is :slight_smile:

Also I noticed that sometimes it doesn’t create any support interconnection

I understand if the shorter pillars don’t have any horizontal support, but I would expect some on the tallest ones.


you should repeat the critical functions so I can catch them all if possible. perhaps manual with side connection