Asura software - Updated 12/29/2018 Undo, Save Project and Z-axis cross-section


Agreed with the hella lot of support in certain areas… refer to my second picture… It made 2 supports for every single vent blade (which really isnt a big part).


It would be nice to be able to add supports to a generated supported model AND be able to add a support from another support to the model or between two supports.


Thanks for the feedback. I think this test is as much for the features as it is to find out optimal settings. I think for that model @matt3o perhaps increase angel to 47, and see how it turns out. I personally like slightly higher angle, less dense support and single base


just tried it on a model i had, its doing just about what everyone else says, for me it put supports only on one side of the model and the other side was hardly any. its a good start tho i really like the support options. also the bed size is larger then what the moai actually is so using the scale to bed size is waaaay off.


MAcosx support is planned?


Having the same experience. Just a couple observations.

I’ve been using a Lenovo YOGA 900 that runs at a high resolution with scaling out of the box. The quality is excellent but not all software handles it well.

The problem is with the menu’s.

I think you’re off to a good start.


this is an issue with alot of laptops ive used. this might help, go to properties of the program file (right click properties) go to comparability tab, check the box disable screen scaling and see if that helps.


Good call. It fixes it without the heavy blur you sometimes get by setting this (at least in my case). The 3D build area was too small and moved off screen when resetting it but the System Enhanced setting fixes this.


guys, I believe we should concentrate more on core functionalities.

as a comparison have a look at what PreForm does

All the main features on the feet and hands are supported correctly


Ok… I have some suggestions…

  • CTRL-Z (undo) is not working, its not something that important but its handy so maybe you could implement it?

  • I cant use the DEL key to delete models from the buildplate (i know we can righ-click and select “unload selected” but the DEL key would be much faster)

  • The “Auto Layout” is not working for me! It doesnt do anything.

About the supports, i havent printed with them yet but the software is super fast to generate supports =)

EDIT: It would be nice if we could orientate the object by inputing angle numbers (for example 90º) to rotate!



I notice that there are some hanging support. So if you could add functionality of removing and adding support will be great. that will give the user more functionality.

Thanks for creating this software it looks much better already


Here are some suggestions after first impressions using Asura

I would love to see the base remain level while navigating around the model. It is very disorienting when the build plate shifts up to 45 degrees.

It takes Asura quite some time to open a file and it is not clear that it is busy. Also, it crashes if you accidentally open two files at the same time. I would love to see a notice that says “working” or “loading file” or better yet, “opening (filename)” so you know that it is busy.

When rotating a model, we could really use a snap feature or the ability to type in a degree to rotate.

When scaling, the percentages are ok, but many of us print precise scale models. We need the ability to scale to specific sizes in hundredths of mm.

Great software for version 1 beta. I really look forward to what you guys add to it in the future.


I’m going to give it a shot. I noticed even with the new profiles for the 2.x cura version I’m getting a lot more print failures than I was getting with 3.x and the modified slow layers profile. Not sure if it’s related but its been happening ever since I switched back.

Hopefully this is the way to go


those 2.x profiles also have more slower layers. perhaps you can bring your settings for that area over?


That’s what I did. My 3.x profiles we’re modified with 5 slow layers for 25 microns.

The problem I seem to have with the 2.x profiles is in the bases/supports and it seems to be as you get towards the edges of the build plate which I imagine has to do with laser strength varying.

The base layers are randomly “soft” and often come apart with a gooey mess inside. I can reprint the same prints back to back and it will be different parts that will show the issue each time.

I may print 30 small individual parts at a time and I would see 1 or 2 complete failures and 3 or 4 “soft” ones on every print with the 2.x profiles. The 3.x profiles I don’t have any soft bases or failures with that same gcode


if you are getting “softer” layers, reduce initial layer print speed by 20% and see how it works out for you @Bluemeanietsi


The software has been updated. No new feature but some changes to support algorithm.


Definitely better

I was able to properly support most of the features, with some manual editing that specific model would be printable. I still see issues with internal supports, they sometimes intersect with the 3d model or they just stay there hanging (just the tip, without a base).

Is “density” actually the spacing between supports? It is a little counter intuitive that rising the density you actually get a less dense support structure.


Again with the Windows thing. :\


The generated support is Amazing so far. I’m sure there a lot more work to do but i gotta say how much I Hate the orthographic view and camera gimbal system. Please add perspective view with a locked z axis camera gimbal system. Also snap to grid and degrees, deleting specific supports, and adding manual ones. with all that said I think those should be prioritized and im actually shocked how well everything else works.

Thanks so much Peopoly Team!