Asura software - Updated 12/29/2018 Undo, Save Project and Z-axis cross-section


That’s great news. Thank you.


is there a way to see how many layers there will be when sliced before putting it in the moai and and starting the print?

also will there be a way to add supports on the inside of a hallow model manually?


2.2 is on the way guys


interesting idea about manual internal support, it is kind of difficult since it is hard to determine internal volume or external skin. where do you find yourself needing to do that.

We are adding volume and time calculation in Asura after 2.2


i find the manual internal supports necessary for some keyed hallow models that are upside down where supports need to be set to so the key doesnt fail. the auto supports sometimes miss spots that are vital for the key to print correctly or the other key wont fit due to deformation. also manual internal supports would be great as we can then really put the supports where they really need to be instead of allover the place that the auto supports add in and wastes a ton of resin. B9C does manual internal supports well but they lack the tree supports Asura generates.


please see if the 2.2 version helps. it is coming out in another day


Have anyone deeply evaluate the XY deformation calibration ?


we just updated to 2.2
and a much detail descriptions on how to use the new distorion adjustment guide. We have tested on numerous machines as well as with field tests. You can great results if you follow the guide and create your own custom profiles.


Once you use the auto generate supports you can no longer add manual supports. Clearing etc does not rectify the issue. Thats a deal breaker as far as I am concerned because while the auto generate is good I quite often go in after and add manual supports on places I feel need more or were missed. Hope this can be sorted quickly


i’m looking into 2.2… could someone please tell me how i pan around the view with a trackpad?
could we get 3Dconnexion device support in this? And drag and drop STL loading, and the Mac version. :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed that as well. no manual add till you toggle some of the buttons, I was able to get it to start adding, but then i couldn’t modify any.


Can anyone explain why the calibration profile needs to be half way between what it expects and what I measured? That makes no sense to me, why would it not just expect what I measured and adjust accordingly? Just seems to make the step a little more confusing than it needs to be :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s a head-scratcher for me, too. Why doesn’t the program just take care of calculating the adjustment value? It would be much more fool-proof to simply type in the measured value next to the reference value.


Hey, thought I’d add feedback as I’ve slowly been using Asura and watching it improve with every release.

Version 2.2 seems to have some quirks that I have not noticed in previous versions.

  • Loading a saved file seems to reliably crash on highly detailed models.
  • Sometimes I’m unable to add manual supports after generating supports. This appears random. Removal of support and resetting orientation slightly appears to be enough to sometimes fix this problem.
  • Sometimes after creating supports I’m unable to deselect the model I’m working with, and unwillingly have multiple models selected

Some other non-version specific feedback:

  • Moving a model post support creation removes the supports. Often I just want to move a model slightly for best positioning, and having to redo supports is frustrating.
  • The “Apply” button on Scale is appreciated, however it would be great to keep the scale as a % of the original model size, rather than reducing in scale each time. If you’re resizing multiple models it can be confusing to know what your scale is.
  • It would be good to understand what “Density” does on the support parameters. Most other slicers have this as a % rather than an integer.
  • It would be good to be able to have our own support presets, or modify the default ones.
  • When hollowing it’s often hard to see where the hole will be placed due to the way the hollow mesh is presented vs the external surface. Being able to clearly see the external surface would be awesome.

Thank you for the ongoing investments into the software!


thanks for the feedback

@Framingr I am pretty sure you can add manual support after auto-gen
That is actually how we see a typical print work flow would look. You can use Add(A) Delete (D) hot keys


that is a good question and it points to where we still need to improve calibration. It does work better than before so we released it while will try to troubleshoot it.



  1. do you have a model (sharable one) that always crash?
  2. is there a relible to recreate the problem?
    3 I will share that with the developers

moving does remove the support because the support is not final unless saved. We can address this down the road. for a quick out, you can save the model to STL and load and it will have the supports

density is the distance between each support, it is not an infill type

do you have suggestion on the color schemes for hollowing?


indeed, does work much better and I ended up getting quite close to perfect, but it wasn’t a smooth process. I feel like a “offset” would be nicer, so whatever I measure it as, I can offset it by 0.05 for example to move it one way or the other.

Regarding some other requests for Asura:

  • I would LOVE the ability to add supports from the top. The new cross section view is great, but then I have to still go underneath and try and guess though supports where to place another one, viewing from the top means I can get the cross section and click just from the “inside” of the model where I want it.
  • I would like the ability to move support bases and tops, sometimes the auto generated supports are just slightly off, so being able to ammend the end just slightly would be great.
  • I would like to be able to add holes without having to hollow first. Sometimes I have a hollowed model, but then trying to add further holes in Asura isn’t possible.

And some bug reports for 2.2:

  • Unless I generated some supports I couldn’t manually place any with bases. It was just the stick part, now 4mm round base at the bottom, soon as I generated some, it place them properly again. This happened randomly.
  • I imported a model, generated some supports, manually created some others and saved to STL. When I imported back the the supports that it had saved were just the auto generated ones, not the ones I had changed around. Only tested once, so can try again if required.
  • Once when I did the cross section view, after going up and down a lot and clicking around on the bar, dragging all the way to the top didn’t actually go to the very top of the model, it only go to about 90% of the way up.

Sorry the bug reports are a bit rubbish, they are things that happened but didn’t have time to properly test them, I can try if it is of interest though.


you can’r modify support, just add and delete?


Hi, In the new instructions for adjusting the Calibration file, Are we supposed to select ‘None’ or ‘moai calib-v2’ before we print the file that we will be measuring below?



You have to Select no calibration file :blush: