Asura software - Updated 12/29/2018 Undo, Save Project and Z-axis cross-section


it should work (it works on linux) but not worth the hassle at the moment imho. Wait until it reaches some maturity.


hey guys, 2.1 is coming soon. stay tuned


Can’t wait Mark!
Understand each print has different requirements but curious as to what setting you guys using as your starting point in Asura?


Any hope for a small firmware and software update to set laser power in gcode? That’s the one thing left that will really increase user friendliness (and make it easier for my assistant to print).


What are the three different options in 2.1’s export box’s Calibration selector? How are they different from the Calibration option in 2.0?


2.1 updated with fixes to hollow

calibration, only v2 is functional others were removed


Using the latest version but no gcode is being produced. It creates the file, gets to 55% then stops. Does not crash but creates a blank file. Thoughts?


it takes awhile to finish. just let it do its thing. the progress meter should have been made better
right now it starts at 55% and ends right the way when it dones. It is not really moving


Here’s why I can’t trust Asura 2.1.1 to create supports. These automatically-generated support tips that are not touching the model caused an area to fail on an 8-hr print. This was the first fail I’ve had in about 100 prints.


The progress bar disappears after 55%.
Are you saying to just wait and it will finish and create the gcode file?
I can do that.
Thanks for your response.


Waiting had no effect. 12 hours nothing(overnight)


I’m running it again on another laptop that has 16 gigs of memory and while it’s taking a long time and is sitting at 55% it does not appear to just quit.
My other machine only has 8 gigs of memory.
But it is pegging my CPU at 100%


can you email

we will likely to ask for the log file and if possible the stl file to check.

also please share the size of the object as well as profile used


I certainly can. Though it does not generate any logs.


I’d like to make a simple suggestion got the user guide. The guide starts off explaining registration then delves straight into the buttons on the left hand side without ever mentioning how to navigate the scene. This may be because it’s extremely intuitive with a three button mouse but I’m using a Wacom pen. Having which button presses need to be made in order to rotate, zoom & pan right in at the start of the guide would be extremely helpful to new users & folks like myself who want to use an alternative control device. Thanks & great work on the software/guide!


that, we do need a tutorial. We updated the user guide to show how users go step by step with Asura in their workflow. We will do a more streamlined tutorial in the Asura guide


A quick question, will it be possible in the future to save an Asura project? I’m still learning about supports, so I’m finding I’m having to have a couple of goes at printing the object sometimes. To do this, I’m exporting from Asura and leaving the project open on the computer while I print the object - just in case I need to add or move supports and try again.

(Or does it already do this and I’ve not realised?)


It already does. You just export it as stl rather than gcode.
Use the same steps but just change the file type in the drop down


Thanks Darshan

If I save it as an STL, I can’t edit or remove supports, only add new ones as the supports become merged with the model. Interestingly (for me), if, after editing a project, I click on the New Project menu option, it asks if I want to save the current project as an apf file. It hangs at 98%, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to load them into the software, so maybe that is something to come in the future.


the project function is not ready yet but it is on the way