Asura software - Updated 12/29/2018 Undo, Save Project and Z-axis cross-section


I have downloaded the new version and i was able to register.
The only thing that doesn’t do anything is the “Auto layout” button. Do i need to do something before that could work?


Any ETA or schedule for wider availability of the 2 beta?

Really looking forward to/need distortion adjustment to enable printing mechanical parts.

Can you share any details re the distortion adjustment(s)? Does it address the barrel distortion?

Appreciate your efforts!!!


yes, wait until they implement it :slight_smile:


ah! that makes sense! :wink:


ETA for Asura 2.0 is this coming weekend


Excellent, and thanks for publishing that… I’d allocated some time tomorrow to install Cura and other updates. I’ll wait for a post re Asura 2.0 being released :slight_smile:


Sounds great with regards to version 2, I was going to download today, but I’ll be happy to wait. Will the link to Asura on this page be updated to show the latest version? It’s currently on 1.5.




here is the preview:

Asura 2.0 Beta

It has 3.5.1 CuraEngine built in already. The manual is also updated.
We really need a better looking manual.


can’t wait to evaluating distortion improvement (cross fingers)


best wait a bit for a guide specifically for that. The calibration file in there is for general case


Couldn’t wait . . .
Use the Asura 2 Beta with integrated calibration.

X is great all over as before

Side distortion in Y direction (X center Y at right edge) was reduce from ~4.6 to 0.75 %.
Great result ! ! !

Corner distortion in Y direction was reduce from ~5.0 to 1.5 % ,Not perfect but in the right direction.

Well Done Peopoly ,Keep doing


where is Macosx version?


where is Linux version? :smiley:


Why remove export to STL and arrows for support parameters? Undo function was not present yet?need to control different size of purge holes.Missing input for rotate and translate
finally hollowing preview should be more contrasted to put holes with more precision


there is still export to STL, you just have to select correct file type


Maybe you documented it?


I ran a print job with gcode generated by Asura and it worked just fine. The support generation is still not as good as I would like it, but I prefer manual supports and I know Asura is still weak in that regard. I’d also like to see the red and green zones on the layout, along with the door/back markers, but those aren’t really necessary.


This is the first time i have used asura and i liked its simplicity but it would be great if it also had a foundation function. I usually have independent base supports with a foundation which is 0.5-1mm thick. I saw the option of full base but the problem is that it removes the independent bases.


yes, it is hidden toward to the end of the guide. I will make it more visible and easier to follow guide


there is an option for making the indenpent base thicker if that helps