Asura rather unstable


I have A LOT of random crashes in Asura. It’s rather frusterating to almost have your model done only to have the app crash. Things I’ve noticed:

Randomly moving the model, rotating, etc can cause the app to crash.

If you click on the manual support button and the window that appears draws bigger than the controls inside of it, it will crash the second you try to close the window or click anywhere in the model to put the manual support. This is random when it happens, but it seems to be more often if you don’t maximize the Asura window.

I looked in the logs folder but couldn’t see any logs. How do you run the app in a debug mode so longs can be sent to a dev to fix these issues? Also can a “recover” mode be put in so you save the model in a recovery mode in case the app crashes. I would say anytime you try to do something to the model that uses a new toolbar feature it should save a backup - just in case it crashes.


what version of Asura you are using?
maybe reinstall the program to see how it goes, we will also look on your problems for the next update


I’m running 2.1 - the latest link from the website on Windows 10 - 1809.


have you tried reinstalling the program?


there is a way to provide log (from the log directory) and if you like, the stl file for us to reproduce the issue. would that be ok with you?