Asura print time?

What is about a correct print time in asura??
Even if with standard printer settings, print time is completely out: 45h instead of 24h!
Can we have a FIX soon to have a accurate print time (users will need to put his custom hardware settings in a asura field)
Is moai out of date for development?..

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I was asking about the same thing. It seems that because the peel time is adjustable it is not calculated in print time.
I think an editable printer profile in which you could add you peel settings would address this issue and give more accurate estimates.

That is what I’m saying.
Motors speeds hardware settings should be take in count for calculate print time.
So @Peopoly ?

Currently, the user’s settings is not yet taken into account. We will add the feature in future version

neither standard settings…

there are different settings for each build plate/vat type, @bilin , so there’s no universal settings to pre-set

@Peopoly, do you know how to read? Where did y wrote the opposite?
Of course, user should indicate in asura his own hardware settings before in asura!
Be more professional…

@bilin Understood what you are saying. You want to be able to input variables into Asura in order to calculate a more relevant print time. Correct?

Yes, That’s right…

Sounds good, sending the request to the Dev. right now. Thank you for the input.

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@peopoly when will you able to develop a correct asura software and a printer software for having a correct time according owner settings??
i think moai owners have paid for a correct printer , and 2 YEARS AFTER YOUR ARE NOT ABLE TO PRDE US A CORRECT SOFTWARES SUITE!?