Asura Print/Resin Estimates...Accurate?

I’m running Asura 2.2.3.
I just processed a files and it estimated:
Printing Time: 4h 48m 36s
Resin volume: 20.2548 g

I’m now 9h 16m into the print and I’m at level 1268 of 1522.

How accurate are these estimates supposed to be.
I’m running the pc version, sliced at 40 micron level.
I know the area of each level impacts time but I had hoped/assumed that Peopoly software processing for a Peopoly machine could account for that in the estimate.

Are the resin use estimates this far off?

I need to approximate the cost of a print but to so that I need better estimates.

The time estimate is unpredictable because Asura doesn’t know the settings on your printer. Users have different tilt speeds and other settings impacting on the total print time.

Makes sense.
A good feature request would be to be able to add that to a printer profile.

Also, the print timer on the printer should stop when the print finished. Mine currently keeps counting until I exit the screen or shut down the printer.
I have no way of knowing how long a print actually took unless I’m there when it finishes.

What about resin usage accuracy?

The Asura time estimate doesn’t include the peel motion time. On my printer the peel motion takes about 17 seconds from laser off to laser on, that would mean for your print:
17 s * 1522 layers = 25874 s so about 7 hours and 11 mins just for peeling. The duration of the peel cycle depends on PM reset position and PM motor speed.
So you need to measure the tilt motion time for your settings and add it to the Asura time estimate.

The resin use estimate doesn’t consider the uncured resin that sticks on the part when you remove it from the printer. But that layer of uncured resin isn’t that thick, so my guess would be that you need to add about 10 % to the resin estimate.
You could weight a few green parts after printing and calculate the mean layer thickness of the uncured resin with the known surface area of your prints, but that’s probably not worth the effort.

Agree that the uncurled resin left on the print and build platform isn’t very significant…or worth carefully measuring.

The peel time is very significant though.
It would still be nice to be able to enter an amount into a printer profile to get the software to show a more reasonable estimate.

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