Asura only exporting supports, omitting geometry

I’ve been trying to slice a model in Asura, and for some reason one of the pieces omits the geometry when generating gcode, and only includes the supports (I found this out the hard way after an 8 hour print). The other half of the model (this is an assembly) generates just fine.

Any idea what’s happening?

which version of Asura is it?
try re-slicing the model to see if it’s still there
maybe this is another explanation for some users have their prints only have supports

I believe it’s 2.2. I’ve tried re-slicing, and the issue persists for some reason.

I’ll confirm the version when I get home this afternoon.


To confirm, I was using 2.2.3.

Updating to 2.2.4 yielded the same results.

The workaround I thought might work was to export as an .stl from Asura, reimport, and slice. Still having the same issue! Very strange.

@peopolysupport - in the end, it looks like I had a non-manifold edge in my stl. Chalk it down to user error!