Asura Mac OS calibration frustration

It’s time for me to get serious on Calibrating my Moai, or cutting bait and dumping it for something more accurate.
Last night I printed a cylinder 50.8mm round and 34.925mm long.
The round measures 51.57-52.63mm 1mm out of round and .77mm too large. Height was 34.8. That’s not too shabby.
The cylinder was printed dead center of the build area.

I have done the circle test with the PDMS vat, and got it as close as I can, but that’s a jenky way to calibrate a circle. I tried doing the calibration Frustating Asura 2.2 Calibration process not working. The process is also kludgy. Why do they use a differential measuring method, rather than simply inputing the readings you get from measuring the cross, and having the software do the calculation?

That frustration aside I’m on a Mac, and the Asura for Mac software does not seem to list the calibration file as an option for exporting no matter where I put it.

Any advice will be welcome!

To explain, the cross test is to match the size and dimension in Asura with the actual dimensions of the Moai. The dimension is taken from the calibration file, in which the measurements of Asura software is not the same with the physical dimensions you have on your Moai. There may also be difference between the center of the Moai in Asura and in reality. If what Asura understands as 1mm came out to be 0.8mm for example, then we would have to adjust it to match our machine, the software can’t calculate what it doesn’t understand.
Have you tried other slicer and measure the difference?