Asura - Issues and better Handling


Hi Peopoly Team

I really like the software but there are some handling issues which makes the live harder than it needs to be. Two issues which i notice each time:

Issue 01

No idea in which situation such a automatic move-around makes sense. If you already added automatic and manual supports, this supports are also gone. It is very annoying because you have to move around each time you import another model. And because it is not possible to deselect the model (if you have only 1 model on the plate) there’s no chance to bypass this.

Issue 02

This kind-of-working is also not practical. If you decide to move around because you want more models it takes again effort to add manual positioned supports again.

Nice to have
In the meantime Asura is not only for prepare models but also to slice and generate GCODE. If i need more than one copy of a model, it would be a really nice feauture if i can duplicate a model with the existing supports. Then i do not need to import again and place the manual supports

Regards, Sascha


thank you for your feedback @Sascha_Sommer , really appreciate it


Thanks for the feedback Sascha. We just updated to 2.1.1
see if that helps. Duplicate is a good idea. I guess another approach is save out as stl and just open it multiple times