to change laser speed and infill


So, I thought I’d give Asura a try, but I’m not using Peopoly resin. How do I change the laser speed and the infill setting so that it will slice properly for my resin. For that reason, I don’t even see how to change it for different types of Peopoly resin…


the resin is affected by the laser power, the laser speed only affect your print time, the infill percentage is switch to hollow percentage in Asura. I replied this also in your other post


sorry but… talk to @peopoly before spreading misleading information. The duality of speed and laser power makes the resin cure.

check the directories inside the Asura installation, you’ll find the Curaengine profiles that you can actually change


you slice with Cura 3.5.1 which expose all the settings including infill% and print speed @darkplatypus