Asura gcode problem

I have Asura v 2.2.4 191107 and have been using it every day with my Moai for the last 3 weeks - and the output has been perfect - really pleased.

But today it seems something went wrong. When I make a new gcode and load it to the Moai the laser runs only in a straight line off the left side of the bed. I did three different jobs and the same thing happened each time.

I tried rebooting the computer, and restarting the Moai, but no change. I can take old gcodes and they still run fine - and print beautifully - it’s just the new ones. What should I do? Can I send you a file to test please?

One thing I notice, about hos this gcode runs different: the total layer remains same as previous job, the current layer starts at total layer - 1 (instead of starting at 1) and the print head either doesn’t raise at all or it raises immediately until it is half out of the resin tray so not touching anything. So I can see immediately that something is very wrong.

The SD card has 14Gb total and 12Gb free.

I tried to attach it but this forum only allows jpeg attachments. Not very useful.

I tested this by re-making a gcode for an STL that previously worked fine. The new version has exactly the same problem. It seems it’s a problem in Asura or my PC that all new gcodes made by Asura fail in exactly the same way, while old ones still run fine. So it’s not a hardware problem with the Moai.

I didn’t change anything in Asura so I have no idea why this has happened.

I tried deleting some old files from the SD card and got slightly different response. For one job, that previously worked, it started printing a simple X in the exact middle of the print head. For another job the print head went up and down repeatedly in the resin while the laser ran in straight lines off to the left.

Then I tried using a different SD card. Now the new jobs that previously were failing seem to be working - or at least the first one I tried is working correctly so far. So it seems to be the SD card that failed, or maybe the reader. This was the card that came with the Moai, so it lasted only a few weeks. Is this normal?

that’s a weird bug, have you tried deleting Asura and re-download it?
try to slice in Cura and see if the problem’s gone

I’m not sure about the moai’s (i use my own sd cards), but most sd’s or usbs that come with printers are pretty low quality.

Make sure you’re formatting your sd every time you change the gcode on it. There have been many threads on the moai doing weird things like not printing the new gcode, even if the old one was deleted.

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