Asura don't scale

Hi everyone,

I need help with Asura. I downloaded Asura 2.2.4 and i use a Moai 130.
When i scale the size of my unit, and then fit to Platform in order to improve the adesion, Asura returns the unit to its original size, without scaling it.

Any advice or solution?


you will need to press “apply” first
and “fit to platform” is another scale option
just apply your desired scale, and then back to orientation panel to move your model

I try to follow your instruction and it doesn’t work.
Below I have reported images, that represent the steps i have made.
In picture 2 i press apply, before pressing “fit to Platform”.
As you can see in picture 3, the final dimensions of the unit don’t respect the “real ones”, considering that the platform is 130x130 mm.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks and good evening.

Set your scale. Hit apply.
Don’t hit fit to platform as that just resales the object to the max extents of the build volume.
You can reposition or move to platform with the move tool after that.

I meant resizes, not resales…spell check.

It works.

thank you!!