Asura Crashes - how to report?

Should there be a thread dedicated to reporting Asura issues? I have taken to saving project files every step of the way as I orient the model, hollow it, add supports, etc., so I can minimize the disruption when Asura crashes. It crashes often for me.

To make it worse, one of the problems is that saving a project successfully doesn’t mean I can load it successfully. I’ve had several projects that saved without problems, but caused Asura to crash when I tried to load it back in later. So I back up to a previously saved project, hope it loads, and then reproduce whatever steps I lost. Asura is a great try at a unified package and I know it is a work in progress. But at this point I’m looking at CHITUBOX or Formware just to keep me from pulling out what little hair I have left.

The project file is in Dropbox here:

I’m using Asura 2.2.4 190909 revision, running on an Asus laptop, Core i7-4720HQ, 32Gb RAM, GTX 970M, Win10 64 bit. If there is any more information that would be helpful, let me know.

Should I upload the project files to Dropbox and report it here whenever Asura crashes? I haven’t been keeping track, but my gut feels is that somewhere between 10 to 20% of my models cause a crash somewhere during the process, unless the model is a fairly simple one.

Asura crashed when I tried to open that file too. Actually Asura has crashed on me many times when I’m saving the project file, and the resulting file is corrupted. So I’ve given up saving project files and save them as STLs instead. I’m guessing that I lose some information when I do this, such as how Asura deals with supports differently than the model–extra laser power or lower speed or something–but at least I can save my orientation, hollowing and added holes that way.

Thanks for the info. I was going to try reinstalling it, but now I won’t bother, since it isn’t just crashing for me. It’s a shame. I like how Asura treats supports differently than the object itself. But I think I’d rather have a more robust workflow even if it means not having that feature. I’ve downloaded CHITUBOX and Formware3D to evaluate, and I’ll probably go with one of them. Maybe not for gcode generation, but for everything else.

Asura does not require a beast to run, a 2GB ram laptop would do, although we haven’t figured out why it crashes for some users regardless of their OS
Chitubox or any other SLA slicer would do fine, but make sure to try having the support settings similar to those in Asura, SLA machines needs a bit more robust support than DLP machines, which Chitubox is made for