Asura calibration


@peopoly, are you sure that the method of Asura calibration formulas is correct?
I made a correct measurement and set a new value for the acp file, but for example:
target x +: 11
measured: 10.7
Asura file value: 10.85
result: 10.8 !!

several tests and all do not have good results … target gap is average -0.2 …
I am very very disappointed with your product and your support, I do not understand



You may have to use the x/y size to adjust.

Every point is a 0.02mm different in size. So if your print is 0.2 mm small in the X direction, try changing the X parameter from 900 to 910 and see if that helps. If it is small in the Y size as well try the same.

Use the resin saver calibration cube in the advanced calibration to measure.

I should also mention that the further you print from center, the less accurate your print will be. This is fine for large models or whatever, but for precision parts such as jewelry or other, stick to the middle of the build plate and don’t print more than 4-6 pieces. Cram them close together as well.



but no,
it is time that the @peopolysupport finally and correctly solve the problem that has lasted for months.
the calibration method has changed again. it is no longer the formula of the average. we wonder what @peopoly does.
there is something to doubt about their skills



can you give a link to the new calibration formular?



@gwilkens , the asura calibration guide is up to date.
Before, the asura acp values where the average of target and measured value. Now it’s juste the measured value.



Hello bilin, sorry for the late response. How is your calibration going with the updated guide?



Late? No…
Thanks to have informed us for the new calibration in asura!
For your question, of course not : calibration seems to be OK but there’s asura supports error with test part! See “Asura Supports joined” topic.