Asura Calibration Test Print

Hi all,

I seem to be having issues with the Asura calibration test print. The first, though smaller issue, is adjusting the values to give the desired results, currently on calibration 5 with some inroads made but it seems that looking back at other calibrations with similar values ended up with different results e.g. x - 61.25 on calib 1 and x - 61.22 on calib 3 can end up with 62.08 and 61.44 on their respective next test runs.

The other issue which may be skewing all of this is that the print is curved on the x - leg, this has been apparent on all of the prints but somewhat assumed this was due to the x and y values being incorrect though their margin of error at worst is 0.75mm now, not in my understanding enough to cause this level of skewing.

Image attached of the second issue, any help on either would be greatly appreciated as well as any guidance on what reasonable tolerance is actually achievable (as well as if this stays consistent between prints).

have you tried the center cross test and circle test before this?
if so, can i see the results?