Asura Calibration Formula


When plugging in the math for the moai_calib-v2.acp file does the formula retain its same format even for the negative numbers?

-X is supposed to be 61, my measurement is -60.15
— Is the correct formula -> 61 + (60.15-61)/2 or should it be 61 + (61-60.15)/2

I assume the first is correct as that is original + (measured - original)/2

I only ask since these are negative numbers, should I just treat them as positives in the formula?

Sorry for the confusion, just making sure I have the formula correct



The first one. The number just needs to be half way between what you measured and the number it is supposed to be. So yours should be -61 -60.57. Like you realised, it’s easier to just do the maths without the negative sign, then add a negative sign at the end!


awesome, thats what I did, just double checking, thank you!!!


Have you noticed any significant improvement in accuracy? I’m printing jointed parts and such that need to fit inside one another and I still can not get circles to print well. I’ve done the advanced calibration first, and realized my cross pattern was pretty off in the front to back “x” direction, so I manually adjusted that as per the manual, then printed the Asura distortion stl and did the math on that, my parts still seem to print circles oval. Funny thing is my drain holes on the same plane seem to print out more circular, but that could be an illusion.