Asura 3d Registration

I am trying to get a registration code for Asura 3d but no matter what version I try I am getting an message telling me that my internet is not connected when it is. And I tried the manual registration but I still haven’t got the code. I sent a email to and but no response… maybe they are on break for thanksgiving?

Could anyone please help me with this?

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hi, please use the manual registration step described in the 1st part of this guide

and acquire the arc file. Please send the file to and I will generate a code for you to register

Same thing happened to me:
Tried registering to Asura online, offline, on different machines, Win7, Win10, different emails, it’s always the latest software version, nothing helps.
Got 2 different activation codes after sending the arc files but it didn’t work.
I got the code a couple of days after sending the arc files, so i had to restart the manual registration again, and was told to generate a new arc file. This is confusing and I renamed the new arc file so as to not overwrite the original one.

Why is this so broken? It should work easily!

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OK, I have found the solution to my problem:
Nowhere in the documentation of the manual registration process is it mentioned that you need to fulfill the registration process in one session. I live in Europe, around 7h time-lag with HK. When I sent my email, I guess it was about closing time at Peopoly in HK and they did not see my request until the following day. The code they sent me was only valid if I left the computer on and the program open while waiting.

Today I managed to install and register Asura on both my Win10 and over Wine on my Linux machine.

Please Peopoly support, update you documentation to at least mention that the registration has to be performed in the same session and that you cannot close the program and switch off your computer while the mail arrives.

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