Asura 3D register - how - where

Just got the registration code but I cannot find the field to submit it :wink:

at least you got a registration code.


it is fixed now, please try again

Where is a link for asura? I have the latest version of cura already set.


Hello everybody
I tried to register Asura 2.24 20190909 by internet, but I got this error,
I tried to deactivate firewall and antivirus… same result…
I restart windows in recovery mode + network… same result
I tried with the computer at the office… same result
I asked to a friend… same result…
I sent the email with the File…

Any advices ?

I had the same issue. I was able to register electronically using the 2.23 software, not the 2.24 version. It is also located in the google drive. Just delete the 2.24 files and download the 2.23 files. Extract from the zip file and you are good to go,

Hi. I have tried registering Asura 2.24, after upgrading from 2.22. I get the same “Sending Failed!” message, on trying to Auto Register. I turned off all of my antivirus etc. programs & still got the same message. I did a Manual Register and as yet have had no reply with an authorisation code. I’ve contacted Peopoly via Facebook AND Messenger, but there has been no reply. Can someone PLEASE sort this for me! I can no longer use my 3D printer until this issue is fixed. I have also deleted everything to do with Asura, rebooted my computer & downloaded Asura again. But I STILL get the same messages.

We were looking at an alternative for asura the other day here: Replacement for asura

formware was suggested, which is expensive, but has a free trial. Might be worth checking out till your asura issues are resolved.

Thanks for that info. I’ll take a look.

I cant register Asura 3D. 2020-05-19%2020_52_20-Asura3D

hi, please use the manual registration step described in the 2nd part of this guide

and acquire the arc file. Please send the file to me and I will generate a code for you to register

send the arc file to

I’m having the same problem
Why peopoly you need register this software???
is time to star to make the things right

Hi @nano, you don’t need to register to export and import .stl file. Which is ok if you never have to calculate much on orientation, support generation for your model.
but it’s required if you want to export or import your Asura’s project file to save and continue your work

I downloaded this software a few days ago and import stl is calling for it to be registered…which i attempted to do manually because the auto no longer exists!!! odd either way support is wrong that we can import a stl without registering. I tried the open button and the rt click import. both just prompted me for register.

Also still havent gotten a registration code…sooooo

did you send the file request code to[]=asura&s[]=registration

if so, can you share your email here? i see there are emails abour registration code request file but i don’t know if it’s yours, the file will have to be processed by us manually and will be send back to you