Asura 3D register - how - where

Just got the registration code but I cannot find the field to submit it :wink:

at least you got a registration code.

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it is fixed now, please try again

Where is a link for asura? I have the latest version of cura already set.


Hello everybody
I tried to register Asura 2.24 20190909 by internet, but I got this error,
I tried to deactivate firewall and antivirus… same result…
I restart windows in recovery mode + network… same result
I tried with the computer at the office… same result
I asked to a friend… same result…
I sent the email with the File…

Any advices ?

I had the same issue. I was able to register electronically using the 2.23 software, not the 2.24 version. It is also located in the google drive. Just delete the 2.24 files and download the 2.23 files. Extract from the zip file and you are good to go,