Asura 2.25 download link not working


I tried to download Asura 2.25 but in Help > About Asura 3d it shows as version 2.24 and registration doesn’t work. Is there any info on this? I asked on the FB page and nobody said that they were able to successfully install v2.25.


hi, sorry about the issue. There was a library expired. we have updated the program to 2.2.5:

![](file:///C:\Users\PPLY Eng\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\QQTempSys[5UQ[BL(6~BS2JV6W}N6[%S.png)

So, I followed the 2.25 link sent to me and didn’t need to re-register.
Asura works again but the version shows 2.2.4 Complaints from me as long as it works again.

For me it shows up as 2.24 and registration doesn’t work.

In other words, someone from Peopoly needs to look into this and find out why when people download version 2.25 it shows version 2.24, and it would also be nice to know why the registration STILL doesn’t work. Thank you.

I have reported this situation to the peopoly technical team, thank you for your support

i can’t register and use asura too! very good!
@peopoly :clap::clap:

Hopefully soon they will replace the 12/30 download so we can know what we’re actually downloading. I don’t even want to bother with the registration until I know that I have the correct version.

hi, sorry about the issue. There was a library expired. we have updated the program to 2.2.5:

![](file:///C:\Users\PPLY Eng\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\QQTempSys[5UQ[BL(6~BS2JV6W}N6[%S.png)


You don’t seem to understand the issue. When people install this it shows version number 2.24 NOT 2.25. So, which version is it?

Also, the registration doesn’t work and there is no point in registering this software if it’s the wrong version number.

Please upload software that shows the correct version number instead of just repeating the same insufficient response. We know what you did. It’s wrong. Please fix it.

Thank you

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I can’t count the times you apologize for a problem. we expect serious actions from peopoly to solve the problems and avoid them. This is what being a responsible designer is. do not wait for users to solve your problems or report them. You only answer when it suits you: I opened another post “Moai 130: that enough!: End time counter” and for several weeks no answer from peopoly, while this basic problem lasts from the beginning. We have been several to help you launch your company with the Moai project. However for 3 years, this one has never been correctly finished and in the meantime you have developed other printers completely forgetting your first buyers. We had to fix some of the issues ourselves and even purchase additional parts to correct all your design errors. not to mention the liters of resin wasted in having to make tests and corrections. Many of us have already given up on you and sold their moai. softwares and firmwares are always approximate. Asura stops working overnight, asura projects are no longer loadable, print times are still completely approximate, supports are buggy. We are not talking about sizing to have correct dimensions. and so many other problems that we constantly see on our moai, as shown in the forum. You have no respect for your first buyers.

@bilin Peopoly responded in the Facebook group about a week ago that the version number would be corrected ASAP but it hasn’t been done yet.

:joy::joy::joy: promises … “paroles, paroles, paroles”

I was able to download Asura 2.25, and followed the instructions on manually registering (b/c the auto registration doesn’t work…big surprise.) How long does it take for a response e-mail with the registration code? @peopoly @peopolysupport @peopoly_support3.

We’ve just returned from the week-end, so you should get it within today

I like it seems many others am having issues registering the asura software. I bought my machine almost a year ago and it was working fine up until a couple of weeks ago when the software stopped working. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and then was hit with registering. So I tried that, and just ended up getting an error message. I have tried several times to remedy the issue as I need to print some parts. What’s the deal? The machine is kind of worthless without software. So is there a way to get the software to work or are you offering refunds? I look forward to your reply. Thanks. Ian

Hi @Iandavis , what is the error message?
Have you tried the manual registration?