Asura 2.24 inconsistent supports

I’m using Asura 2.24 on windows and I’ve noticed that when I save a .asf file and reopen the support cross structure changes or disappears seemingly at random.
I’ve built several files with lots of custom supports but upon reopening them all the cross structure between supports is either completely missing which makes the print fail or it’s just different than when I created it.

below example is a file I just created. auto generated supports with the displayed settings.

Closed and reopened Asura then opened the same file I just saved

to me this is a bug. it makes saving files in Asura next to useless. I hand place nearly all of my supports and I’ve had to rebuild multiple files multiple times because of this.
Please address this bug and update ASAP.

can you point out where the manually created supports are missing? it looks the same to me on both pictures

this example didn’t use manually created supports.
The problem isn’t that the individual vertical supports change or go missing, it’s the diagonal structure between the supports that changes. I showed the previous example to illustrate that it’s it doesn’t matter if they are manual or auto. see example.

For a more relevant example, I’ve been helping @Alex with his Gaps in Clear Resin thread and this is what has been happening.

I’ve rebuilt this file at least 4 times to look like this.

Notice all the cross supports. Each of these vertical supports were placed manually. I often use lots of thin supports with very small contact points. the vertical supports reinforce each other with diagonal bracing and almost all of my prints work great.
However, look at what happens when I open the file back up again.

All the diagonal bracing is somehow gone.
When this is printed it’s a complete failure since the individual thin supports tend to break without the added structure.

Now - regardless of what anyone may think of my workflow, it works for me. I don’t want to use bigger supports.
The issue here is what Asura is doing to it’s own structure between the time it’s created and saved and then re-opened.
I created the first file to check that it wasn’t somehow .stl related. the diagonal bracing changes seemingly at random when saved and re-opened.

Please fix this so that what is created is what is kept.

Now i understand,
This is actually how Asura is at the moment
The Auto generated support and manual is calculated but the side structure that bind 2 supports together is rather randomly generated
I’ll inform the Dev team to have this updated

Thank you.
It would also be very nice to be able to select and change settings on a support-by-support basis. But, just keeping consistency would be a great start.