Asura 2.2 Project Files


So in the latest 2.2 version of Asura I am unable to open a saved .afp project file. It hangs at 90% in the progress bar. I tried multiple models. Are there limitations I’m not aware of?


if you can export to stl, try it again.
If it still hangs at 90%, it may be your model is too large or your PC is not strong enough


It exports to stl and geocode just fine. It just won’t load the project file after the transparently shaded supports have been created and then saved. My computer is very beastly.


So the size of the stl file that I’ve been using is 60 MB and the .apf is 17 MB. I don’t know if asura saves the stl file in with the project file but I would suspect that it is only referencing it. Asura opens the stl just fine if I save it out. I just like the flexibility of changing supports later on without having to replace my stl file(s) on the bed.


the supports are treated like they are a part of the model once you export to stl or gcode. Right now Asura 2.2 don’t have that function yet


hi JP, are you still having that problem with 2.2.1?


Hi, yes I am. If I save out a project file WITHOUT the yellow supports it saves and opens fine. But if I save out a project file WITH the yellow supports it does save out but it hangs on 90% when I try to load it.

Is 2.2.1 supposed to support the saving and loading of the yellow (unfrozen) supports now?


it supposed to.
We spotted some bugs there just now and will fix them