Asura 2.2 messing up gcode?


Could be a SD card reformat issue but I thought I’d ask just in case.
I’ve oriented a model.
Modified it’s width
Hollowed and added holes.
Saved Gcode and went to print.
6 hours later it was on layer 3.
I canceld the print and went to scrape off the failed print off the build plate and had to pull up what was on the Fep vat.
My concern is that it never moved to another layer after layer three.
I’ve noticed on some failed prints it either stops at some random layer or it starts printing some that is no where near what is in Asura. Like printing a 20mm cube onthe left and it starts to print some wierd stuff over on the right or in the middle no where near the first layer or model.
I am using heater purchased from you. and I do occasionally get successful prints (seems lately most are failing do to issues above) Is it reformat the SD issue or something else I should be looking at?
I’ve attached a link to the latest gcode that was “stuck or stopped” at layer 6 (after 12 hours)!Atb9AjLhaVxXi98EOVnUUu0DgoQ4hg
Thanks in advanced.


the only way Asura would mess up gcode is if the wrong profile is selected. I doubt this is the case. perhaps check SDCard wiki here. It is likely that is the issue[]=sdcard

also there have been cases where models have a broken mesh.


So I’ve reformatted the sd card.
And for the most part the print was successful I need to change its orientation

But the only thing in the stl was the print. The gcode still printer weird artifacts on the build plate.

No idea what those little dots are from nor the odd outline in the middle



They look like the support bases for another print. It is not one of yours? Ordinarily, there show up when there are issues with the SD card or the reader. However, in those instances, it’s usually an old print that shows up. If that is not the outline of one of your previous prints, then it may be a test files built into Asura. Weird.


make sure you follow this

put print in directory other than gcode seems to further reduce problem prints. we almost never get it.