Asura 2.2.3 Official Release


6/25/2019 Asura 2.2.3 Released!

  • Resin Volume Estimate
  • Print Time estimate
  • Improve profile visibility and naming
  • Improved Support Printing to make supports stronger
  • Improve Stability
  • Drag and Drop
  • Moai 200 Calibration Profile

Manual Registration Errors Have been Fixed

OSX Users: Your 2.2.3 Release is coming soon.

Downloads and Manuals Available on the Asura Wiki:


Asura software - Updated 4/26/2019 - improved performance, bug fixes and new profiles

Any particular reason the Google Drive has two files?

Can we re-use our old custom .acp files with the new version?



I see the resin estimate in the bottom right corner. I assume it is tied into the new profile selector in the top right corner, however it only ever shows 0 or 1 for me. 0 before I load the model and 1 afterwards.

It would also be great if the profile selector was linked to the one in the export Gcode box since it is a bit confusing having both and could easily be forgotten (or just remove the one in the Gcode box and use the one in the viewport instead).

The About dialog still says 2.2.2 by the way.

Would be nice to add ellipsis to all menu items that open dialogs rather than just preferences (i.e., Open, Save Project, Save Project As, About Azura and Register).

Great to see the profile names don’t cut off now. Also looking forward to the increased stability.



We recommended this version for you specifically so that you will stop using the raft style base. The default parameters with island base is much more durable for printing



Good to know. Any feedback on the other points?



This is a general feature request rather than a bug.

Is there a way we can have the scale factor percentage properly update when you click “Fit to platform” if I wanted to print a statue in the largest size possible I import the first part, scale it with fit to platform option but now I do not know what scale it was factored at so I can not successfully print the other parts of the same model correctly.



2.2.3 Beta has been updated. with some new features. Please refer to the top post



Can confirm the resin estimate and time estimate are doing something for me now. They get cutoff on HiDPI screens though.


If I switch back to compatibility mode (which is a shame since the newer version otherwise works much better with HiDPI now) then it looks good.


Can also confirm the Above dialog has now been updated with the correct version number. It would still be nice to see a build number since there are multiple releases with the same version number.

Would also still like to see the ellipsis on the appropriate menu items but of course this doesn’t affect functionality, just gives the impression of lacking polish.



When you put out an updated 2.2.3 can you add something to the end like RC1, RC2 etc so we know it;s an actual new version?

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we will, thanks for the reminder



Asura 2.2.3 Is Officially Released!