Asura 2.2.3 Bugs Fixed


First off, I would like to apologise for all the confusion with Asura 2.2.3. There has been a lot of revisions and bug fixes. The biggest one was with the Gcode. The next was with older 130 Profiles and the 200 Calib. Those have also been fixed as well and are in working order.

If you have downloaded 2.2.3, please do a clean install to get all the bug fix’s.


There has also been a lot of worry about which version is newest. We added the Build date next to the “2.2.3” that way you know it is current.

As for OSX, we are still working on that as well. I will make a new thread when OSX is out of Beta.

I hope you all have a beautiful day/evening!



What about the OS X version?



OSX is still being worked on as well.



I mean, there was a 2.22 OS X version previously - you restored the 2.22 version for Windows but not for OS X.

Should just be a case of uploading the older .dmg to Google Drive, assuming you still have it?



OSX is still being worked on. As for Windows, 2.2.3 is now released again with the bug fix’s.



As for OSX, we are still working on that as well.

OSX is still being worked on as well.

OSX is still being worked on.

I get that!

My point was that you restored the 2.2.2 version of Asura for Windows, but left the buggy one for OS X up for people to download. That coupled with the HDPI bug meaning Asura is really only usable for slicing and not mesh manipulations, incorrect line endings in exported gcode, etc makes the Mac version feel like an afterthought.

From what I understand you only have one developer on the team, maybe they need some help?



Hello. I have downloaded the newest version for Mac OS and am not having success. I was considering removing all of the Cura versions and start with a clean download. My question is which version should I use? Have just started to get back into printing and am frustrated.