Asura 2.2.1 unable to deselect object

Im trying to hollow a .stl and add some drain holes. I have two objects on the platform. I select the first, hollow it and add about 6 drain holes. Then want to do the same with the second object, but I cannot deselect the first object to work on the second. is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. I follow a similar workflow when setting up multiple parts for printing within cura, but want to use Asura tools for hollowing and support.

just choose the other object, it will deselect automatically

Seriously? It won’t deselect no matter what else I select/click on… That’s why I asked if it was a bug.

it could be a bug, normally it you don’t have to deselect but just choose the next model and it old one will be shaded.
I will find out about this but for now just do one model at a time

we have added to our bug list

I noticed same bug here too, If you have more than 1 object after you holow one of them , you are not able to select just the other object it is both or the first one.
Ended up punting both objects oriented in one STL the hollow together and doing the supports

add more than one .stl to asura… orient the first, hollow add holes etc…
try to select second .stl only and unable todo so… frustrating!

Present in latest build 2.2.2

Same problem crippling my workflow in build 2.2.4 in addition to connection issues for registration despite disabling firewall and antivirus.

Is this issue going to be fixed?

the latest version is 2.2.4, try and see if the problem still happens

Yes, that is the version I am using. Will there be a fix for it soon?

i will inform the dev team