ASURA 2.11 STL not showing when "importing"


So I have installed and registered ASURA 2.11 - However when trying to import an STL file nothing happens, the model never appears on screen.

I am able to see the same file in Blender3D, Cura and other 3D tools but Asura nothing…

Reluctantly running a Windows computer for the sole purpose of utilizing the program so I can hollow out and create supports… but seemingly to no avail as the STL simply does not show on screen.

Anyone had this happen ? Anyone found a solution ?

Desperately need to generate GCODE for this and 2 other models I need to print before Christmas so you can imagine my frustration…

HW/SW Specs: Win 7 - 16Gb RAM - Lenovo Laptop T420


that is weird, do you have a screenshot? try to add support / hollow

if possible, we may follow up with a log file request


maybe reinstall the program, it might be something wrong during installation


Same issue replicated on a WIN 7 plus a WIN 10 machine with ASURA 2.11Capture01 Capture03 Capture02




Same specs on both machines


I have WIN10 64-bit with 16GB Ram and i7 processor - no problem installing latest Asura.


that is a weird problem.

it happens to all models?
did you do a clean install or copy over?

I only have this reported once. Asura relies on openGL and visual c++ 2015 libraries. Can you check opengl compatibility?


Clean install on both machines, able to get latest cura to run without any issues though I would prefer the ASURA version for automatic support generation and Peopoly settings, I can see machine supports OpenGl - I presume any c++ libraries are installed along with the ASURA program if there are dependencies the program needs to run Capture04


Capture05 Here is a bit more detailed rundown


do you think you can attach or send us the log file?



I am having the same issue with the Ausra. while importing STL into Asura, it says “Ausra has stopped working” and then closes the program.
I am running both the version of Cura 2.6 and 3.5 on a single PC. i was unable to uninstall Cura 2.6 so i left it un-tocuhed and have installed Cura 3.5 as aonther program which is working fine.


do you have the log file as mentioned about?
does it happen to all STL or just very large ones?


It happens to all STLs… below is the "copy & paste"of the Log file,

=============System info CPU & RAM================
Number of processors: 4
Physical RAM: 3.89064

----- Import object: begin -----
Object name:C:/Users/Sagar/Desktop/Stl Files/3-10-2018.stl
Number triangle: =117616
Number Vertex: =58652
----- Import object: end -----


Yup this is very similar - quite empty log files - and regardless of sizes


Hi there - Check Karim’s answer - also experiencing quite empty logfiles looking suspiciously like that