Asura 2 100um profile please


Hi, can we please have the 100um profile back in Ausura Slicer? I miss it, it worked great in Cura for fast prints with HI-temp.


you can still export to STL and slice with Cura, the engine is the same (sans distortion correction).


Would love to stick with Asura with the cool new features :slight_smile:


use Asura, just export an STL and slice with Cura. They use the exact same engine for slicing

PS: actually asura will always be a few releases back compared to Cura


Im blind it is actually there, just sorted by number so 100 was at the top :stuck_out_tongue:


Asura uses cura engine to slice so you can create your own profiles and put them in the directory to slice with them.


be careful you have to use the same version of cura used by asura. at the moment I believe it’s 3.5.1 but Cura 3.6 is already out


good to know about the 3.6 vs 3.5.1 profiles.
I wonder if there is a way to know for sure what version Asura is using?


it is 3.5.1 and likely stay that way for awhile until Curaengine has development that can significantly improve results. otherwise, it can be too hectic for users who have mixed profiles


3.5.1 built in. good to know, thank you