Asura 2.1.1 generating GCODE that doesn't print anything


All of a sudden, after working successfully for weeks, Asura generates GCODE that won’t print anything. The MOAI is working; I can print any of the test files that came on the SD card (4 moai, ring etc), but new GCODE generated from Asura 2.1.1 won’t print. No laser activity visible at all.

I deleted Asura 2.1.1 and attempted to upgrade to 2.2.2 but only the 2.2.2 BETA Mac OS X version shows up.

What is the latest version of Asura for Windows 10?

BTW there should be a software link on the main page. A customer should not have to do a google search to find the latest revision.




It seems that 2.2.2 for winders is missing from peopoly’s google drive. Here’s my copy.

Some folks were having trouble with saving files in 2.2.2 according to the forums. It’s been working great for me, though.

…and yes, peopoly really needs to re-organize and index the info on and files for the moai. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

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some people are using older version of 2.2.2

please download again and make sure it is clean install (empty directory before you extra)
Offical source



what is the location that you are not finding Asura 2.2.2?



The google drive folder link you provided does not contain 2.2.2 anymore.

Here’s a screenshot: