Asura 2.0 create no support


Hello, I am a new user, and need help.
I downloaded Asura2.0.
Unpacked and registered started directly in the folder.
I can load a stl.
I can rotate and scale the object.
but if I use “generate support” and then “generate” , nothing happens.
I also can not manually “add” support.
I can not close the Support window afterwards.
I downloaded the program a second time, with the same problem.
What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help.
Win10 / 64bit, Intel NUCi5
Thanks Alex


do you have a screen shot? the support is semi transparent. you need to auto generate first before you can manually add


sry, no sreenshot. Yes , first i auto generate.
but i did an experiment.
I copied Asura to a USB stick and registered it there.
I listed the stick on my business Thinkpad.
There, generating supports works! :slight_smile:
If I use the same stick in my Intel NUC “supports” it does not work.
Do I need any plugins or drivers for my NUC?


I have the same problem. I can generate supports on 1.5 but not on 2.0.


Do you also have the possibility to test 2.0 on another computer?
Can I still download 1.5 somewhere?


Hey @alexcity! I was also having trouble generating supports using Asura 2.0. For my particular model I was able to get auto-supports working by making small orientation adjustments and retrying.

Oddly the small adjustments that worked for me seemed to be counter intuitive to orientation best practices, but in combination with PreForm checks and a few manual supports I was able to get something that’ll work.

By no means a robust solution but could get you going if you’re pressed for time!


I also did the same steps exactly as Alex outlined. I am on Win10 on a Dell OptiPlex 3050. When I click “Generate” the tool semi freezes up in that I can no longer pan or zoom. I can bring up other tool menus, but nothing works. I have to exit the tool. I have used half a dozen models, and no luck with any of them.

Note that it works fine when I use my Surface Pro 2.