Are Asura's profiles the same as Curas?


If I were to adjust my distortion in the Asura Software, will it slice and have the same information dialed in as in the Cura Profiles with the exception of the distortion correction?

I ask this because in Cura we can see all the details and adjust them for printing, but in Asura we cannot.





I believe they are? If so, it’s from 3.5.1 not 3.6. Yet.


haha, thanks for responding.

It’s strange because I can print a file that is sliced with cura at 20um with waxcast, but the same file sliced with Asura at 20um will not print. But I need the distortion correction!



Let us know if it works.


Are you suggestion I downgrade Cura?


Yes, Asura 2.2 is still based on 3.5.1 I believe


Thing is, I either need to bring the distortion correction (The custom file with the x/y values) into Cura or bring the Cura profile and all the details into Asura- so I can use the Distortion correction

Cura slices and prints, Asura slices but no printy


you can’t bring corrections into Cura that I know of…

look at the code generated by both and see what may be different enough to cause no print?


Now we are beyond my understanding of this stuff.


Cura wasn’t built to do the distortion corrections. Asura does that… it’s an extra step


You can get the stl with distortion correction from Asura and then print it with Cura.


Doesn’t the distortion correction happen at the slicing stage?


Oh, I just saw the link you referred to. I’ll try that tonight!

Pretty strange…


I figured out the solution to everything!

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