Applylabwork resin?

Anyone ever use applylabwork black resin with the moai? What laser power did you use? Man is it thick!!!

Can you give us the brand name?



try 50 or lower laser power with the ring test

Thanks for the advise! This resin is very thick…Im thinking start at 60 and buy a heater to get the chamber up to 90 degrees!

Can I ask another question? How long does the laser usually last? I just noticed mine stopped working…Ive been using it every day for about 16 months with no problems…,
or maybe its a galvo?

the laser is made to last, it’s not meant to be a consumable . However, it can be broken, reasons like any other electronics which is hard to know why

If your laser is not firing, try to take out the diode off the galvo/laser assembly, this should be very easy
Test the diode with a three-volt battery to see if it works

If the laser is no longer working, you would have to purchase a new one, since warranty only last for a year