Anyone used FormLabs engineering resins (esp. high temp and ceramic)?


Hi guys, I’m interested in using some of FormLabs’ engineering-grade resins, including their high-temperature resin (heat deflection temp of 289°C, vs. Peopoly’s high-temp resin’s 180°C) and ceramic-impregnated resin (which you sinter after printing to make 90% dense ceramic parts). Has anyone tried these resins in the Peopoly printer, and if so, what settings should I use? I’ve looked in the Google Docs spreadsheet, but no FormLabs resins are listed there :frowning:

I’d prefer to use a Peopoly printer as kits are much cheaper than the FormLabs Form2…




I bought some of the Tethon3D ceramic resin, but I haven’t goofed with it yet. The particulate in ceramic resins can be abrasive and tend to make FEP hazy pretty quickly, so I’d advise you to use a PDMS ‘traditional’ vat with resins that have some kind solid medium suspended in them.



FEP is much more durable against abrasion than PDMS so if it something that is making FEP hazy, it is likely not the resin. If it is the resin, then PDMS has even less chance of surviving.



Hi Guys:

Has anybody tried the Tethon3D ceramic resin on the Peopoly Moai?
I am interested in learning about your experiences.

Thank you!

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