Anyone try print-in-place functional objects?


Might be using the wrong name, but has anyone tried printing those prints that have a hinge, or gear(s) that you can print in place as a single object, and then have them working once printed?

I’ve tried one thing, and the different parts just got cured together while printing.

Flexi Rex (something moderately complex)

Fidget Gears (something complex)

Print in place Hinge (something simple)



I’ve tried it, but I don’t recommend it.

The problem is that resin doesn’t cure with perfect crisp edges the way filament does. It “blurs” a bit which can cause the pieces to fuse together if the tolerances are normal.

It can certainly be done, but you have to have much looser tolerances with more play in the parts. Which means extra wobbly final prints. I think the Flexi animals are about the tightest tolerances you’ll have success with.



Ya, that’s kinda what I was figuring… The part that I had tried before had really tight tolerances. It was recommended be printed on an SLS machine, and I had actually gotten a good print of it on an FDM machine, even scaling it down to about 60-70%. But there was probably too much light bleed from one layer to the next with the SLA print I tried…