Anyone printed their vat?


I have 2 self printed vats, One based on the thingiverse design and another I modified. Both have been in use for a more than a few weeks and perform as well as an original vat.

I was worried about leaks but have not had a leak so far (knock on wood :wink: ). I used an acrylic bottom in case something went wrong, I didn’t want to break a glass bottom. A 12" square will make 4 vat bottoms. I scored and snapped it into quarters. I used the clear color from this page.

The print just fit my XYZ DaVinci bed. Printed in PLA. One vat I sealed the acrylic bottom with silicone adhesive and the other with a 2 part Devcon plastic weld epoxy. PDMS lined as usual. Both adhesives worked fine, the epoxy sets faster.

If you have the means to print one on a FFF printer, you might make it yourself. YMMV.


That’s excellent! Are you using the green tape on the bottom to keep it snug in the tray rack? Do you have any issues with leveling?


Yes, this modified vat did not have the indents for the tray pins, so I used some tape to make it quite snug so it wouldn’t shift during printing… No leveling issues, but I do the corner test when swapping out vats and make small changes.


What settings do you print the vat with on your FDM printer and does the little lip that you secure the acrylic to have any effect on printing on the edges of the vat? Also, What do you use to create the pdms layer and how long have you been using these vats?


I printed the vats at .25mm with HatchBox black pla on a heated bed with no supports. The “lip” came out fine I was a little worried that it seemed flimsy. Once bonded with the acrylic its strong with no flex.

I’ve used MLSolar PDMS so far. I was really hard on my original vats when learning… I have repaired them and can use the originals when needed.

Ive been using one for 4 weeks of daily 1-2 prints using peopoly resin at 55 laser power cura profile including some 5-6 hour figurine prints, its seen ~3/4 liter of resin and no ghosting or tearing so far.

The other vat using PhotoCentric casting resin has seen about 1/4 liter of resin has a gouge from a failed print and a bit of ghosting but is still useful. I use a higher laser power and the resin seems more reactive and harder on the PDMS…


Want to save me a few minutes and post the source file to the vat (step, f360, anything like that)?, I’m working on a vat concept that should work just as well but last significantly longer.

Let me know!


The stock vat is on the page linked below. It’s not the printed version but it might be helpful.