Anyone have chitubox slicer settings for moai 200?

Hi all, I want use chitubox as my slicer instead of a asura, Has anyone come up with the settings for the moai 200?

Chitubox doesn’t have support (at least as far as i’m aware) for non-MSLA printers like the MOAI series which use lasers instead of a screen.

Options for moai slicers at the moment are:
Asura (using Cura engine)
Cura (using moai profile)
Formware3d (3rd party paid slicer, but a nice month long trial)

I would recommend using heavy support since Chitubox is made for MSLA printers.
SLA printers in general have a higher peel force.
You would also want a bigger tip size, try to be as close to the Asura settings as possible.