(another) SD Card reader issue

I’m having an issue that so far is identical to the one in this thread: SD card reader issue

I was running a print that I expected to take around 26 hours last night. Approximately 3 hours into the print, the MOAI ended the print as if it had completed. The only indication something was amiss is that the display said it had printed only a small number of the total layers. Well, that and the partially printed part that was attached to the build plate.

Since then, I’ve only intermittently been able to get the MOAI to read an SD. The MOAI tends to “freeze up” or stop responding to user input when it is trying to read the SD. I tried formatting the included 16GB kingston SD card. I even performed a long format, checking for bad blocks. I also tried two different SD cards. One was a Sandisk Ultra 8GB, the other a Transcend 16GB. All were formatted Fat32.

I guess my next step is to remove and inspect the SD reader. Fortunately, I’ve got a nice trinocular 60x microscope arriving tomorrow from China that should make inspection rather simple… if I can force myself to wait an additional night before troubleshooting.

Honestly I popped that card reader right out and it was really easy to see half of the solders had just come completely undone, be gentle. The solution I had was to first get a replacement card reader from my seller, then buy a Kingston 16gb micro sd card. I push the normal size sd into the slot and just carefully pull out the micro sd card and push it back in gently when I change prints, that was the full size SD card never needs to leave or cause pressure on those solders again.

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You’re correct. Every pin on the bottom is not soldered correctly. When I removed the card reader board the problem was obvious. Hopefully MatterHackers will have a replacement.

Pics or it didn’t happen:

That’s how mine looked, it seems the slightest bit of pressure causes them to pop loose. Matterhackers should easily have those for you.

Pretty sure they’re cold solder joints The metal didn’t get heated and fluxed, so the solder didn’t adhere to it. Peopoly should have a word with their manufacturing partner unless peoply has their own fabrication plant.

Broke out my Nikon. Here’s a pic that’s more clear. The truth is, even the back row of pins isn’t soldered correctly, although it’s not bad enough for them to physically disconnect.

Fortunately, they did! They shipped it yesterday. That’s some impressive customer service.

throw some new solder on there and hot glue it in place to add resistance, job done? if they send it free then all good

That’s exactly what I did. Except I didn’t hot glue it yet. I wanted to verify my solder job was good. It was, and I’m printing something now just to make sure it’s all good.

Matterhackers sent me a replacement, so I guess I’ll have a backup when it arrives.

This seems to be an increasingly common problem. I filmed the repair and might post a repair tutorial or something. The solder job was moderately difficult. I don’t think I’d have done it without a good hakko iron and needle point. Might not have pulled it off without the microscope but that’s a little less certain. It should be an easy job but it’s hard to reach those inner pins.

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there was talk from when mine died that there was going to be a cable based SD card replacement, but i havent heard anything from anyone yet. Crazy this is still happening.

Another option they could use is simply to pot the end of the connector in epoxy. That would be easy and would not really require any design changes.

My SD reader is still functioning and I got one of these to minimize stress on it…

SD Extension SD Card Extension Cable Extender Cord SDHC SD Male to SD Female Card Reader Adapter with Screw Holes for Monoprice Select Mini Anet A8 3D Printer/Raspberry Pi/GPS/TV (SD to SD 11.5in)

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I like that. I think we could 3d print an inverted mounting piece and keep that internal to the moai. That would both eliminate the stress and allow SD cards to be inserted normally instead of inverted.

an update to sd card reader is coming very soon. it would be cable driven so less chance to break

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Interesting. Is that something that will be sold separately?

I didn’t modify my reader but it seems like having the reader on a cable would make it very simple to invert the slot so that the card could be inserted “right side up.”

I don’t really know why the upside down card bothers me, but it does. Maybe I’ve got a touch of OCD or something.

interested in seeing this modification as i have a Q1 2018? machine one of the first in the UK and need to catch up on changes

Dear Peopoly,

It’s good to hear that an update to the SD-card reader is coming!
I purchased my 130 a few months ago, so could you send me a replacement under warranty?
The connectors broke after about one week after being put to use. I was able to solder them again, but am worried that they will fail again in the future.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you for making this amazing printer!

Hello @Lexiglass ,

If you purchased through a re-seller please contact them for a replacement part, if you purchased through us directly you can email support@peopoly.net .

Please include:

  1. The description of what happened
  2. A link to this thread
  3. Photos of the broken part
  4. Your order number