Amount of resin the printer will print with

I have this resin made in my lab that I would like to print. However we can only make 5 ml of it. The print is really small (4cm long and 1.5 mm thick) and requires a really small amount of resin. Viscosity and desnity are really similar to peopoly. Do you think I would be able to print with that little amount of resin with an moai 200 sla printer?

I assume you mean the amount you would need. Asura has an estimate at the lower right corner if you enter the info

5ml of resin is a very small amount. There is another user on these forums who was designing a custom vat and build plate to test resins in small quantities, that might be a handy thread to find, though obviously the amount of work that would take would likely be more of a pain than just getting your hands on/making more resin.
The moai 200 plate also has a bunch of holes in it does it not? With such a small amount of resin a hole could prove deadly for the print.

I don’t think you could get away with 5ml of resin for a print on a moai 130 either. Such a small amount of resin seems impractical for actually printing with.

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There’s no way to print with only the amount of resin that you need for your printed piece. Peopoly 200 has a plain aluminium platform. I don’t know the minimum amount of resin to be able to print. In my experience you need at least 100ml if not more to print whatever piece you want.