Always stuck on 1st layer (other case)

I have pasted the title of another case that I have found in the forum, I am using the SD card that was included with MOAI 130, I have printed some gcodes without any problem and now I have build one gcode with ASURA and it seems that the printer is stuck in Layer 1!
It is a very simple file with 91 layers and 0.1 mm layer …
What is happening here?
It seems that the laser is going very slow …
I am deying to believe that I have to reformat … another idea?
My printer is new, and the SD reader have the new conector version


I am linking the gcode file …

Layer 1 often takes many times longer than subsequent layers. Mine often takes over an hour for the first layer

it’s normal if you are having a big 1st layer, the laser is slowed down and overcure the resin for better adhesion

I have also had this problem. I think that Asura does not write correctly to the SD card. I chased this problem for several days and finally i tried a new SD card formatted by the computer and then saved all gcode files to the desktop. Then drag the gcode file to the sd card and let the OS do the writing. No problems since. I suspect Asura corrupts the SD after a while. I also had, at the same time, a microsoft download that i did not request of their Edge web browser. That software corrupted both of my shop laptops before i noticed the Edge icon. The Edge software was loaded during an update, unrequested. I had to restore both laptops, too almost a week to accomplish. I am not sure how long Edge was on the laptops but neither computer could write to an SD and was having problems opening software and documents. So i am not sure what corrupted the SD card, but saving to the hard drive and then copying to the SD has worked fine since the restore. By the way the Moai would spend an hour on a tiny file on layer 1 and never progress. In fact it never turned on the laser except for a brief flash in the very beginning.

that sound’s like a whole different problem, can you post a new thread on this with more details and pictures?