Alternative Resins with Prime

After a lot of experimentation with my Prime printer, I have come to realize most third-party resins will not work with the default settings that are used with Peopoly resins.

A good starting point is to look up the recommended settings for the resin in question, and typically, those will list a number of sample printers with settings. Look for a comparable printer - in my case, with the Prime, I look for another mono printer. I then start with those settings, and if I have problems, I will increase the exposure on the bottom layers.

For instance, with Anycubic translucent green, I was surprised that I had to go as high as 50 seconds for bottom layer exposure time to get larger prints to adhere well to the build plate.

I have also been successful mixing different resins, but with that it seems that the highest exposure setting of the mix is the best to go with.

I would rather that the print take a bit longer and decrease the life of the led screen rather than deal with multiple failed prints.

Here are some examples - the green is Anycubic transluscent and the organge ones are Aeryone