Air inside 100% filled parts


Hello to everybody!

I use my Moai now for nearly a year. Everything went fine. i prirnted always own designed parts. i did a break for about three months not prinnting anything. and now i have problems with the part attached. printed 100% filled, so shouldn’t be a problem. But there is a lot of air embedded, and the outer layer is coming off after some days?

Do you habe any advise? I’m using original Peopoly resin, black. Standard Settings on the printer.

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Black is really hard to get right, follow the exposure settings to get the best results:



  • temperature
  • if vat is clean and resin free of debris
  • if resin is well stirred/shaken

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thanks for your input. I guess i found the reason. the Z Axis was not correctly adjusted. It was going down too much for about 0,5mm. I adjusted it with a 1/100 dial indicator, and it seems that the print result is much better. Because the Moai is on the workbenche, i do a fine calibration of X an Y Axis aswell right now.
It is strange, the calibration manual says 1 indicator is 0,05mm. The measurement shows 9,75mm instead of 10 on a cube. therefore, if i understood correctly, i should increase X and Y to 905 (5 x 0,05 = 0,25)
After a second testprint the cube shows still 9.8mm … very strange. i did a third try with 925, and will check tomorrow.

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Each step is 0.02 mm in either direction. You have old info (when X/Y was 360 the step resolution was 0.05 mm).


also resin shrinks differently based on the model, don’t overthink it. Absolute precision is impossible to achieve for every model.


nowaday, the best way to adjust for size difference is to use the Asura

please see the instruction in



Sorry for my late reply. I activated Asura yesterday, and tried tp print the same part. Wow, this is really great. The print worked fine and the part is without any enclosures.

thanks for the hint with Asura, the Moai is a complete new/better printer with this software.

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