Advanced Glass Plate with PDMS for Moai 200 damaged

Hey there,

So I’ve been printing for a while, and the VAT finally got damaged (way over 20 prints). It’s my first time dealing with this issue, so I removed the resin, cleaned up the VAT with IPA and got to see the problem: the FEP layer on top was broken. So I disassembled everything as instructed in several videos and posts. And when I finally removed the FEP film, I realized the special film on top of the PDMS also got broken. Since it had a hole, I decided to remove the special film to inspect the PDMS layer, and it seems ok.

Some images:

Isn’t the advanced glass suppose to last way longer than the FEP layer on top?
Is this a quality issue or did I receive a defective VAT?
What should I do?
Can I apply a special film on top of the PDMS to get it working again?
What is that special film exactly?
I noticed on another topic someone mentioning that the advanced glass for moai uses a FEP film as the special film, is this correct?
Can I just use an extra FEP film and apply it on top of the PDMS layer?