Adhesion problem with the platform

Hello everyone im french student (im in internship),
My societe have the Moai 130 SLA printer with fep vat.
Recently, i had several problems with the printer.
Before it worked properly, but i didn’t use it during 1 month and after that nothing worked anymore.
Nobody touch it and the parameters are the same as in begining.
The first layer does not adhere to the plate and stay at the bottom of the tank.

I tried all of possible solutions (calibration circle, levelling…) but nothing worked.
I give you my settings :
X size 900
Y size 900
X deviation 100
Y deviation 100
smooth 50
z moto speed 2
pm moto speed 12

Advenced setting :
laser power 59
xy speed set 4
z reset position 1817
Pm reset position 60
Z follows 10
CompensateX 100
CompensateY 200
Zinitial speed 2
PM initial speed 10

Thanks for you’r help

Before we can go deep, I would like to know what resin you used and what temperature the resin and building board were just before printing started.

What was the result of calibration circle, levelling… ?

Note: Always set Z follows to 0 (2 is still possible). As far as I know, this parameter has no positive benefit (has done a lot of damage so far).

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aside from @ad_fontec questions which i want answers to as well
when you didn’t use it for 1 month, is there still resin leftover in the vat and you print that leftover resin or is it new resin that’s poured in?
leaving the resin outside will thicken the resin and overall decrease your success rate, i suggest pour out the leftover resin, and fill it with the same resin type and start with the test gcodes
i would like to have pictures of the failed prints, too

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@ad_fontec I used the blue peopoly resin at 20°C
The levelling and the calibration circle gave nothing.


I give u pics of my print (it’s resin saver cube ahah…). I only have the same result with all parts

try the pre-sliced gcodes in the SD card, also that doesn’t look like some sort of square at all, is that how it’s base should be?

@peopolysupport what do you mean ?? I don’t understand :’( (im beginner)

We were talking about the test object that is on the SD card to load up, it is a cube and the base of the model should be a cube, that base looks circular.

You speak about the resin saver cube @peopolysupport3 ?

I apologize… in all honesty, I got the test objects between the moai and phenom mixed up . The test object on the Moai is the ring. Can you tell me which object you used for the test print please?

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I used the ring test. And at the begining it worked, but now nothing work anymore.

ok do this… back up the SD card onto your desktop… reformat the SD card so it is blank. Create a directory called GCODE and slice a new model and save it to there and then try again please .

Ok, the print is in progress

@peopolysupport3 that is the result !

What is the ambient temperature of the room the printer is in please. Also are you using a heater in the chamber or not?

The ambient temperature of the room the printer is between 17 19°C and i don’t use heater.
I can give you my settings if you want.

You might want to consider a heater for the chamber. Blu would need a higher ambient temperature to print in. We sell a heater for the moai, and there are a few user created heater using a incubator heater mounted in the printer.

I would recommend either one of those and then try again as the temperature can affect your print

Ok I’ll try. I’ll coming back to give you news.