Adding 12V fan to Mainboard

Hello Dear Peopoly Team,

I cut a round hole in the top and installed the fan inside and the active carbon filled chamber on top of the printer.

Now I’d like to wire the cables nicely, can you tell me which 12V lane is suited for my needs?

thanks alex

Use 24V fan. As all but panel power (via driver) is 24. Video driver is 12V. but don’t split out from there as that is the printing screen

The Fan will also handle 24V I’m sure.
I guess the best option would be to let it start as printing starts because the smell doesnt bother when machine is cold and closed but when it’s running it needs a filter.

May I use the 2nd green connector from left side 24v?

it’s labeled “hot” maybe i can activate via gcode or via screen?
otherwise please tell me which output is suited for additional fan?

thanks a lot,
kind regards,

Hello, the voltage on the motherboard is 24V, you can connect a 24V fan. Fan connectionEditedImage%20(5)

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you really need a 24v lol