Actually, my Moai is working REALLY well


I just wanted to say to @peopolysupport that my Moai is currently working really nicely.

I know people come on here as they have an issue etc so I thought it might be nice to read something nice for a change :wink:

At the beginning I was killing my PDMS/Vat almost every 4th print- regardless of model scale.

Since updating to the latest firmware, and changing the PDMS silicone brand I was using, I am now on my 3rd bottle of resin ( moai gray) from the same single vat, and the PDMS layer is showing absolutely NO signs of wear, damage or clouding.
I have only ever done the levelling process and got it ‘OK’ so I know that might cause issues on certain things later in time.
Ive not attempted any form of other callibration and that will be my next project should the need arise for something very technical- I am finding the support and orientation method I use is more important to a decent print.

I always used the low res setting and recently tried the med res setting ( Cura) and it went straight into it with no issues and no change to work flow.
Workflow is:

Stl file ( rhino CAD or Poly)
Netfabb- file Repairs as needed
Meshmixer- Hollow object to approx 1.5 - 2mm wall thickness. Add at least two drain holes, as big as possible.
Zenith- orientation/Add supports and remove/ add additional as needed
Cura- Check machine path AND final visual check - export Gcode.

Run heater up to temp
Use a blank credit card to wipe clean the surface of the PDMS- I keep resin in the VAt all the time and the gray settles leaving a tiny layer of grey stuck to the top. I wipe this off with the card , at the same time mixing back up the resin. This can take a bit of time if its over a day out of use.
Insert SDcard
Turn on machine
Cringe at the noises it makes
Slowly run through the card to find file

I run through this every print, the machine is always off before a new print is made.

I did have a power board die on me but that was replaced very quickly.
I am running an ebay brought heater system that was discussed about a year ago on here. Inner temp is approx 38 deg.

Yes, I’ll admit when I turn it all on I wonder “will this be the one that kills it” …but so far, so good.
I do have the adjustable build plate and the new Vat system - but due to the sucess of the new PDMS silicone, they’ve never gone into the machine ;-(



You can thank me later :wink:


Yes I really should…
(I have a card printer so a LOAD of blank cards lying around!!)


What brand of silicone are you using?


hey there-
I had a post on it here ( Im still on the original VAT I talk about as well)


even though this is a really late reply but still, i am pleased that i can be able to help