Accidentally mixed normal and Hi temp/Nex resin


Hi Guys,

I was in the middle of a pretty hectic job and added Nex clear to Peopoly blue by accident.
I didn’t know what the outcome would be so shelved it and started again.
I haven’t tried it yet but just wondering if anyone has done this and will it make any massive difference?
Are they pretty similar chemically or have I created unprintable soup?
I have quite a bit sitting there so would be nice to know.



just mix it well and do a pillar test or ring test, you’ll have to up the laser power depending on how much was mixed. so if nex is 51 and reg is 58 and you mixed about 20-30% you could try 53-54 power



thanks for the help @Kagekitsoon

it depends on which type takes up more in the mix,
go for 58 laser power, this will ensure that your model printed, but the nex will be overcured.
if you set it at 57 or lower, only the nex resin is cured and there is a high chance that the print will just be broken during the print