About the Print / Project Gallery category


Welcome to the Print/Project Gallery!

This category is all about showing off your skills with your Moai and/or Peopoly resin! We are here to; inspire others, teach, learn, progress, share your love for creating/making, and most of all have fun!

Things you can post in this category:

  • Create work logs
  • Share photos of your finished prints
  • Create tutorials on finishing your prints
  • Share your finished 3DP artwork
  • Share your finished projects.

Things you should not post here:

  • Technical questions
  • Support issues
  • NSFW Content
  • Buying or Selling
  • Asura/Slicer Questions or Issues
  • Anything that doesn’t relate to this topic.

How to post your work Logs:
When you post a work log, make sure you use the following Head line:
[Type of Project (Prop,Decoration, Practical Part,etc.)] [Project_Name]
[WorkLog] [Practical Print - Sand Casting] - 3D Printed Fishing knife

If your project is sponsored Please post as Follows:
Sponsored - [Type of Project (Prop,Decoration, Practical Part,etc.)] [Project_Name]
Sponsored - [Work Log] [Practical Print - Sand Casting] - 3D Printed Fishing knife

What to Post in your work log?

  • Make sure to state your sponsors in your work log as to credit the companies who have donated their time and resources with you.
  • Project from Start to finish
  • Photos/video
  • Descriptions (like blog post)
  • What you are using, where you got materials.
  • Anything else you want to share about the project

Remember the work logs will teach people different skills to apply to their projects, so include as much information as you can.

For Tutorials:

Just like the Work Logs, make sure you include [Tutorial]:
[Tutorial] How to paint your resin print - Weathering

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