A few more noob questions

I have a print due to finish in the middle of the night. Any harm in letting it sit until the morning? Is there a point past which bad things happen?

How long can resin sit between prints? I plan on using the printer nonstop, but if I were away for a weekend or more, how long does the resin stay ‘good’?

opening the door to remove the build plate after a print - does the ambient light have an effect on the resin?


I’m using the moai 130 with peopoly model resin.
I often let finished prints sit over night and have had no problem. The inside of the printer is dark and if you consider th print has been covered in wet resin all during the print time (over 30 hours for some of mine) a bit longer overnight isn’t much.
I remove prints in ambient light but take them directly to my cleanup station for plate removal and ipa wash. I also immediately clean all uncured residue from the build plate.
Never had a problem.
Can’t speak to other resins but probably similar.

it’s fine to leave over night, the resin will start to thicken after 2 days. When that happens, stir up the resin and expose the vat to the air will help reset the process